Liquid Concentrate (LC) is formulated with Trichoderma atroviride, a beneficial fungus discovered and patented by AmPac Biotech.   LC allows plants to absorb more nutrients from the soil and enhance water transport while maintaining plant health all season long.  These unique factors promote plants which better flourish and excel even when growing conditions are unfavorable.

     Plant Helper Liquid Concentrate has been AmPac Biotech's premier product.  Ease of use and high spore counts (1.0x106 CFU/ml), makes the liquid version of Plant Helper ideal for applications where extreme moisture already exists.  Safe for humans and animals, LC is also environmental friendly.  The liquid concentrate has been a staple of the Plant Helper alternative product lineage and continues to deliver consistent results year after year.

   Plant Helper Liquid Concentrate is developed using our patent-pending fermentation process--Triple Spore Suspended  Re-Isolation.  Our method ensures that each Trichoderma atroviride spore is maximized for quality, effectiveness and shelf life.  LC has an active shelf life of over two months and comes ready to mix and be delivered by most universal application methods.

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