Treatments of seed coating & soil amending with "Plant Helper" on the reduction of Damping -off of cucumber, radish, or pepper caused by
Fusarium solani, Rhizactonia solani, & Pythium ultimum

                                                 (%)                           (%)                           (%)
Treatments*                     Cucumber                     Radish                      Pepper
                                           GS**       DS                GS       DS                GS         DS

9 +B:                SC***     65bc****35bc             70b     30b              75ab     25c
                         SA            75b          25c                75b     25b              80b       20c

G + B:               SC           90a          10d                95a      5c                90a       10c
                          SA           90a          10d                90ab  10c               85a       15c

9 + G + B:        SC           80ab        20d                85ab   15bc            90a       10c
                          SA           80ab        20d                80b     20bc            80ab     20c

Path. Ctrl:        SC           35d          65a                25d     75a              20d       80a
                          SA           55c          45ab              40cd   60a              45c        55b

Nonpath. Ctrl: SC           95a           5d                100a     0c                90a       10c
                          SA           90a          10d                95a     5c                 90a       10c

*: 9 = 901; B = Bb-C1; G = Gl-3; SC = seed coating; SA = soil amending.
**: GS = germinated seedlings; DS = died seedlings.
***: SC = seed coating; SA = soil amending.
****: For each measured variable of each crop, means with the same letter among each
          column are not significantly different from each other according to Duncan's
          multiple range test (P 0.05),

The test was repeated three times for each of the crops.

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